Signs of moles in yard

In the city, you can be plagued with rats, mice, feral cats and dogs, pigeons and bats. In rural areas, you find these same creatures and more. Opossums, raccoons, skunks, moles, voles, weasels and gophers can make your yard a mess, terrorize your pets, and cause a myriad of other problems. Of all these furry menaces, the one that is most detrimental to your yard is the mole. How do you know if you have moles? First you will see or hear the tell tales signs of the infestation. Your yard will have bare “tracks” crisscrossing it. These are the tops of the tunnels the mole has been digging under your yard. Maybe there are holes or mounds of dirt in your yard, dig marks around plants, or strange droppings scattered about. A single mole can dig 300 feet of tunnel in one night. Imagine the damages that could cause. Moles are not vegetarian like their tiny tunneling cousins, the vole.

Moles eat grubs and bugs, many of which, like earthworms, are beneficial to our gardens. Because they are searching for grubs worms, and bugs that live in the dirt, their tunnels are very deep, some going as far as a 3 feet underground. They will road map your yard with these underground passageways that can weaken the ground and cause massive cave INS. The piles of dirt left from their tunneling looks like volcanic piles and the mess is an eyesore. The piles of dirt left behind can create a hazard for garden equipment and vehicles. Moles can ruin sprinkler systems, water lines, underground electrical and even pools with their powerful legs, front facing paws, and razor sharp claws. These underground carnivores will kill your grass from the bottom up by destroying their delicate root system.

Moles hunt year round so there is no chance that you can “wait them out” Once they find a good hunting ground, i.e. one with a good supply of bugs; they are there for the long haul. A singe mole can destroy your yard and gardens practically overnight, and getting rid of them is a major feat. It is hard to track the mole down because of the labyrinth of tunnels it uses. DIY methods often do not work, and can cause more damage to your lawn than the mole did. The good news is that moles are solitary dwellers unless they are mating, so if you are lucky enough to catch it, you have essentially stopped your epidemic. Contacting an animal removal service is your best bet for safely solving your mole problem. A trained professional can remove the mole quickly without any danger to you or your property.

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Signs of moles in yard

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