Home remedies to get rid of moles in yard

If you go out for a stroll in your beloved yard and are met by a mound of overturned dirt in your garden this could mean that you have moles. All they want to do is dine on the delicious bugs that live in the soil around your garden. Moles do not hibernate like some other animals, but spend all year digging and eating. The relentless digging for food causes the tunnels, mounds, and destruction in your yard
There are many ways to get rid of these underground pests. Some are preferred above others.
You can choose from a variety of poisons available- poisons only work if you know how to use them not only are poisons dangerous, they can be ineffective if not used correctly. Poisons used for moles are anti-coagulants, which causes the mole to bleed out internally.
There are many commercial repellents available for getting rid of moles, but they do not work any better than the ones you can make at home. There are many traps can purchase as well. The popular scissor trap has two sets of scissor-like blades -- 4 in all. The four blades slide in to the underground tunnel. A handle and trigger sits above the ground. This trap works because moles have a tendency to reopen any blocked tunnels.
If all these commercial solutions sound too cruel, time consuming or expensive for you, we have an alternative. Here are some DIY tricks for running off your mole.

Castor Oil and water 50/50 mix poured in and around the holes will send moles packing
Filling their holes with aromatic mulch like pine or cedar can drive them out as well
Smoke bombs (NOT poisonous gopher gas) tossed in their holes will make them run for the hills
A mixture of dish soap, castor oil, and ammonia spray around your yard and mole holes is said to get rid of moles

Chocolate laxatives and Juicy Fruit gum are said to kill moles, but since moles are strictly carnivorous (meat eaters) we are unsure as to the veracity of these claims.
Another natural method is to attract predators to your property. Owls are moles (and other rodents) natural enemy. You can attract them to your area by installing a nesting box. This is a big birdhouse that you will attach to a tree or the outside of another building. Fill the box with straw and wait for owls to find it! If you choose this method, be aware that owls and other predator birds will also eat rabbits, chickens, cats, and small dogs.

Whichever remedies you choose to try, remember that consistency is the key.

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Home remedies to get rid of moles in yard

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