How to get rid of moles in yard with juicy fruit gum

Juicy Fruit gum for killing tunneling critters like voles, moles, and gophers is a home remedy that has been passed around for decades. The whole idea behind this crazy DIY trick is that the critters will eat the gum and it in turn will “gum up” their insides. It is supposed to clog the system causing them to die of a horrible blockage in their guts. Many of The staunch supporters of this method are divided on the methodology however. There are debates about using any “juicy fruit “gum vs. ONLY Wriggly’s Juicy fruit gum. They also disagree on whether the gum should be chewed or unchewed when placed in tunnels. Another fine point of discussion is how to place the gum. Some folks say that you should poke holes down the run of a tunnel and drop the gum in. Others say it should be placed at the mouth of the tunnel. The final point of dissention is the preparation of the gum. Some believe that you need to chew the gum first. Others think you should dampen it.

There is even one school of thought that says you need to shake it up in a jar filed with earthworms to flavor it first. About the only thing that can be agreed upon is that it must be cut in pieces about the size of a pencil point! The gum particles are supposed to be reapplied every 5-7 days for one month. If it has not worked in one month, then advocates say it is not going to. Well I say it is not going to work…ever. Moles are strict carnivores. There is no reason why moles would eat the gum unless it was consumed by accident. Even if they do eat any gum, it is no more likely to “Stop them up” than it would a human.

So why do so many folks claim that it works? People say that after applying the gum for a few weeks, the moles would disappear. Their absence is more likely due to them temporarily abandoning a tunnel for a more fertile hunting ground. This is something they do regularly to allow the bug population to replenish. The only way can see the “Juicy Fruit gum method” working to drive off moles is if a human poking around its hole for a month drove it away! If you want to get rid of moles in your yard, contact a professional animal removal service that can help you with scientifically proven ways of mole eradication.

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How to get rid of moles in yard with juicy fruit gum

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