Mole traps come in a variety of shapes and sizes

Here is a short guide showing you the best we have found

'Tunnel traps', have been around for a long time and are used by many professionals these traps are Discrete, easy to use and can be used in shallow or deep runs. It also works in any type of soil type from rich to stony. Because of its high catch rate may very well be the only trap you need. This superior design features a super powerful spring inside a metal half cylinder (tunnel) that keeps the trap from getting jammed by rocks and dirt. The mighty spring snaps and instantly kills the mole.

The scissor trap is the most popular style of mole trap to date. Reasons this type of trap is very popular, is that it is effective at catching moles, it is very easy to set, of its simple design and you can tell from a distance if the trap has been triggered. This trap works best is softer soil because the scissor blades of the trap go in the mole hole.

Talpex traps are similar to scissor traps, but use claws to kill the mole instantly. They are triggered in a completely different way than scissor traps. These traps are triggered when the mole pushes on a blockage in the tunnel to clear it. It is a very human way to kill the moles quickly. It superior action and efficiency makes it popular among professionals. It only drawback is that is it not the best choice for stony soil.

The Beagle Easyset Mole Trap, a stylized type of tunnel traps. Unlike a tunnel trap, all the working parts are in a sealed integral box design. This design makes this trap less prone to jamming, easy to spot when triggered, and super easy to set, which makes them much safer to use. Like a regular tunnel trap, it is inserted in to a hole on a mole run.
When you decide on a trap, make sure that you fully understand its workings. You must also be aware that you will have dead bodies to deal with. The best choice is to throw them back in their holes and bury them.

They do make a humane mole trap that is a “live trap “for moles. While you think you are being kind by relocating the mole, you are actually giving it a death sentence. Moles are very careful about choosing their homes. They know what bugs live under that ground that they can eat…do you? You might drop your mole off somewhere that cannot support his appetite, and he will starve. Moles are territorial, and if you drop that person off in another mole’s hunting ground, there will be a fight to the death. That is right; those tiny little guys fight to the death! If you want to be rid of moles, killing them quickly and cleanly is actually the kindest thing that you can do.

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Mole traps come in a variety of shapes and sizes

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