How to identify opossum tracks

About Opossums Opossums are the only marsupial animals that live on the American territory. Marsupials are basically animals that have a pouch in which they carry their young, like kangaroos. So we can say that opossums are the American version of kangaroos!

Opossums have naked tails and they also have a pointed nose. They are the only animals that live in America that have grasping tails. Possums use their prehensile tail for demanding tasks such as climbing. These animals also use their unique tail for storing extra fat reserves. This enables an opossum to survive lean times.

Opposable Thumbs
On their hind feet, opossums have opposable thumbs which aid them in climbing and gripping branches. These animals are the only non-primates that have opposable thumbs.

Another interesting fact about opossums is that they are mammals with most teeth that dwell in North America.

Opossum Tracks and Trail Pattern
In the trail pattern of an opossum at left, the front and hind tracks are overlapping each other. Because an opossum’s tracks look like they are doubled, the animal’s trail looks like a trail of a much larger animal.

Now, many people wonder when it is the best time to find an opossum’s tracks. Well, the best time to find an opossum’s tracks is the early morning. Opossum trails in dry and fine soil tend to age in a rapid manner, especially along riparian areas. Possums can be found in a plethora of environments, which include both rural and urban areas. Opossums are opportunistic feeders and they are capable of utilizing many of the scraps that people throw away. This is why opossums are frequently seen raiding garbage cans and pet food dishes. Many people also wonder about opossum’s life cycle so we will talk about it. When a baby opossum is born, each on weighs circa 1/200 of an ounce, lacks fully developed hinder limbs, and is less than ½ of an inch in length. Female opossums give birth to 14 opossum young in average. However, out of those 14 young, only 9 survive. When they are threatened, opossums act like they are dead.

What Do Opossum Tracks Look Like?
Opossum tracks are recognizable very well because their each foot has five toes and their rear tracks resemble the rear tracks of a human child.

The inner toe of an opossum’s hind foot is opposable to the other hind foot and pretty much resembles a human thumb.

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How to identify opossum tracks

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