How To Get Rid Of Opossums

Depending on where you live, you may have noticed opossums living on your property. While it is possible to coexist with these animals, they can also be destructive or dangerous when aggressive. As such, it is common for homeowners to search for ways to get rid of opossums. There are numerous options available, some of which work better than others. You will notice that some methods of getting rid of opossums won't cost you anything, but others can be more expensive. If you have one or two animals on your property, consider starting with the more affordable, simpler options before trying something like trapping and relocation. This will not always be an option, especially if the possum has taken up residence in your attic or another area of your home.

When used correctly, you can keep opossums out of a particular area with the use of fences. Keep in mind that these animals can dig and climb. As such, you will need to have the top foot or so of your fence on an angle so they cannot climb over it and make sure to bury the fence about a foot beneath the ground.

Home Repairs
One of the most important steps to getting rid of opossums and making sure they don't return is to keep up with home repairs. Instead of making their own dens, these animals find shelter in empty dens of other animals, holes in trees, and man-made structures. If there is an entry point to your attic or an area underneath your porch, it can appeal to opossums. You can avoid this by making sure that there is no way for the animals to get inside your home; to do so, cover any holes in the walls or along the roof and block the area under your porch. When making home repairs to keep opossums out, always be sure to check that none are currently inside as you do not want to trap an animal inside your home.

Clean Your Property
Opossums are omnivores with a varied diet that consists of almost anything they can find. This means that if you have any potential food source on your property, they will be attracted to the area. Whether you want to prevent these animals from visiting your property or convince them to leave, keeping your yard clean can help. Keep pet food inside, make sure your garbage is inside or securely closed, and pick up fallen fruits from your trees. You may also want to trim back overgrown shrubs and remove large piles of grass as these can serve as shelter for possums.

If there is an opossum inside your home, then you will want to try to get rid of them using a method known as exclusion. You can either hire a professional to help you or do this yourself depending on your preference. Begin by finding all the potential entry points that the possums use to enter your home. Seal up all of these holes with the exception of one and cover that spot with an exclusion device. This device is a one-way door that will let the animals out but not back in and you can either buy one or make it yourself. Within a few days, you should be free of the possums. Just make sure not to use this method if baby possums are present without confirming their abilities and whether they will be with their mother at all times.

Many wildlife professionals will tell you that in the case of opossums trapping is actually the best method to get rid of them. You should always use a live cage trap that will catch the animal without harming it. Select any bait you want to use, but consider something the possum isn't likely to find out on your property or that is very tempting, such as wet pet food or apples. Remember to check the trap regularly so the possum isn't stuck inside or exposed to the elements for an extended period of time. Then you can take the opossum to a new location several miles away and release him. If babies are present, make sure you get all of them and always select a new home for the animals that has food, water, and shelter within easy access.

Repellents Don't Work
There are also numerous repellents on the market that you can use to try to get rid of opossums. These include natural remedies such as hot pepper solutions, store bought compounds containing items like predator urine and mothballs, and electronic devices that spray the animals with water or produce ultrasonic sounds. Unfortunately, these repellents will rarely work and if they do so, the results will only be temporary. You may, however, be able to use a repellent as a temporary solution while you prepare to make home repairs or exclude an opossum.

Avoid Killing
Some people may suggest killing opossums to get rid of them, but this is an inhumane strategy and there are always better alternatives. Relocation, for example, will still get the animal off of your property while giving it a chance of survival. In some areas, killing an opossum may even be illegal or there may be strict regulations concerning how you are allowed to dispose of the carcass.

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