Do possums dig holes or burrow underground?

Possums are known to love the high ground as opposed to the lower ground. This means you shall not find them in the gardens looking for food. This is not their way of life. This is an indicator that the possum is not responsible for the holes you have in the garden. Research has indicated that the possum does not have the digging abilities and if they dig, it is only a miniature hole when they are looking for food.

Known to climb trees
The possum loves to climb trees, and this is where they feel free. You only need to spot them, and you shall find them living in groups. When they are not on trees, you shall find them in the roofs, or looking for food but certainly not digging holes.

Scavenge in the garbage
If you leave your garbage in the open, you notice that the possum shall start scavenging for food. This is one source of getting their food. They are known to eat the leftovers, and this means if you do not close your dustbin, you shall find that the possum is feeding on your leftovers, and makes the place look really messy.

Look for water
The main reason as to why the possum shall come to your home is when they are thirsty. They do love a place, which has frequent source of water. This is ideal for quenching their thirst and at times for playing. Many people will find the possum harmless. It does not in any way destroy the landscape you have, and this means you shall not get the holes in your garden.

Cannot dig deep holes
It has been proven that the possum cannot dig. However, they shall only dig a tiny space, which does not qualify to be called a hole. This is when they are hungry and they are looking for insects. However, you need not to worry when you have a garden and are afraid that the possum shall dig holes. This is because they,

• Lack the digging ability
• Most of their food is on trees
• This is not their natural habitat

When you find there are loads of holes in your garden and you find a possum, then you need to know that it is not the possum, which has done it. This is not their nature, and you shall find strange to discover that you have other animals in your compound. Many people tend to think that since the possum has very sharp claws, it has the ability of digging. However, this is not the case and you shall find that the possum is very active in the trees but not in digging the holes.

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Do possums dig holes or burrow underground?

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