Do possums climb well?

Possums are known to live in the trees and they find it as their natural habitat. You shall find the mother possum carrying the young ones on the back and at the same time they are climbing from one branch to the next. This means they have the strength, and the ideal body, which enables them to move swiftly.

Look for food
In order for them to get food easily the possum needs to be very active. They shall eat all manner of twigs, and at the same time some animals, and this means they need to have the strength and the speed of hunting. This means they need to have good climbing skills to move from one region to the next easily.

Thrive well in trees
A possum can stay in a tree for so long, and it will not fall. This is proven by the fact that they live the branches, and you can find them in your compound. This way, they are very comfortable and they are used this place, since they are not heavy, and it is near their source of food.

Climb to the roof
At times, you shall find the possum on your roof. This is due to the ability to move from one branch, to the next, and it shall get into your roof. When they are looking for food they are known to enter the homes and this means even the attic in order to get food and at times a good place to call home. This is why it is very advisable for homeowners to ensure they have sealed all the holes, that are in the roof. They are very active during the day.

Have strong claws
The possum climbs well since it has a very strong claw. This means it can hold onto the rough surfaces easily without falling or losing any balance.

Preventing possum from entering your home
Dealing with possums is very hectic. This is why one needs to use the correct means and ways, which shall keep the possum away from your home.

• Use metal bars at the food of walls, and granaries
• Invest in good roofing solutions
• Seal all holes leading to the home
• Keep garbage bins locked
• Ensure there are not shrubs or access to water sources

When you keep tabs of these details, you will not need to worry about the cases of possums in your home. You need to know that the possum has a very strong claw, and this means they can climb even in the hardest surfaces. This is well displayed when they want to enter the house and they can climb on the stones. They are very fast climbers too, and this means getting into your home is very easy.

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Do possums climb well?

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