Do possums climb trees or live in trees?

Possums have dexterous paws meaning they have a well-defined “thumb’ on their paws. This works to help them grip at things tightly. It is also one of the reasons why they are good tree climbers. However, before we delve too deep into their tree climbing ability, let us understand reasons why they climb trees.

Why do they climb?
• Food- being omnivorous possums will eat almost anything they come across that is edible. That means, if there are fruits on a tree a possum will surely climb to reach them.
• To get away- when a possum feels threatened ant there is a tree in sight, it will most likely climb the tree. Unfortunately for the possum, if the predator also climbs trees, it will be dinner soon as they are not fast climbers.
• Shelter- while they prefer living in ready-made homes(usually burrowed by other animals), when there is no option, they will climb trees for temporary shelter. For instance in the case of flooding, they will climb trees to avoid getting swept away.

How do they climb?
Due to the nature of their paws, possums are able to strongly grip branches, and slowly climb up whatever they wish. This therefore means they will climb over low fences, any structures within your compound that offer enough gripping space among others. They are also able to unlock many latches.

How do you keep them off your compound?
• First of all, keep your compound clean. Ensure what attracts them to your compound is no longer available. That includes fallen vegetables, fruits and bugs.
• Ensure that all your garbage cans are tightly shut. Ensuring that it is in a way that is they will not unlatch the latches on the containers.
• Ensure that you feed your pets indoors, as opposed to outside. This is because the food containers will no longer attract them.
• In case you have poets, ensure you lock them inside the house during night time. This lowers confrontations with the possums, decreasing chances of injury.

Final thought
If you see a possum in your area, chances are they will be gone soon (unless they are nursing mothers). Therefore, let them be. They will soon scamper away. Possums will never attack you or your family unless they have been forced to defend themselves.

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Do possums climb trees or live in trees?

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