Do possums attack cats, dogs, or other pets?

If you do notice a possum in your yard, you need not to worry. This is because the possum shall not have any effect on your pets.

Non-aggressive animals
Some wild animals are known to be very strong, aggressive and shall fight in order to protect their territory. However, this is not the case with the possum. It is very dormant, docile, and will run on the first sign of sensing trouble.

Have respect for the cats
You need to know that the cats and possum have mutual respect for each other. This means that when they are both of the same size, they shall not harm or injure each other. This has always been their relationship.

Dogs can bite possums
You need to know that the possum is not an aggressive creature. They usually run away on the first sign of danger. When it comes to the dogs, they shall bark, and this will lead the possum away. This is one of the signs, which makes them docile since they do not want to be engaging. You will find when there are many dogs, the possum shall not have the chance to survive.

Why they stay in homes
When you have an open home, it is very easy for the possum to stroll. In other cases, if you have an open hole, which can lead to entry of wild animals, you are sure to find a possum in the house. There are many times when you find the possum in your home. You need to know they are very docile creatures and you shall not know even when they are in your home. In many cases, they are looking for,

• Shelter
• Food
• Water
• Security

How to remove an opossum
If you notice there is a possum in your yard, you need to make the right decision about the removal. Some people will find that it is ideal when they release it in the wild. However, this is not the right way of going about it. You need to make sure that the possum is safe, and in good health before taking it to the wild. You can use the traps, which shall keep it safe and in good condition as you go through the relocation process. At the end of it, you will find that the possum love the wild environment and come to the urban centers in search of food. You can also call the animal control and since this is a wild animal, they shall take care of the matter. Some people think it is very easy to kill the possum, but when you do this, you are endangering the wild and the population. It is important when you use the right means, and this leads you to end up with good results.

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Do possums attack cats, dogs, or other pets?

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