Do possums hibernate?

Many people think that the possum hibernates but this is not the case. They are known to store food in their body, but at the same time, they are able to hunt. They do sleep for longer hours, but not during this entire period.

Come out during the day
The possum is a nocturnal creature, and this means it is very active during the night. However, during the cold season, they come out during the day especially when there is some warmth. This gives them a good chance of hunting or to look for food and water.

Known to store foods
It is not easy for the possum to hunt for food when it is cold. During this time, most of the animals are in hibernation or they are afraid of the cold. This means there are very few chances for the possum to hunt and when it does not have the access to food, it shall die. This is why they shall hunt through the year, and they use this as a way of storing the food in their system. You notice that during summer, the possum is very active in hunting and the size shall increase. In order to survive during the cold season, they,

• Hunt throughout the year
• Way of storing food
• Become active hunters during summer
• Form a layer of fat

These are some of the tactics, that the possum shall use in order to make it through the cold season.

Look for warmer places
When it is cold the possum usually suffers. This happens during the cold season, and there is snow. The feet, and the nose, are known to itch a lot and this makes the possum uncomfortable. The possum usually looks for warmer places they shall live. This means going into the urban areas, or the abandoned shelters. Since they are not active during this time, they opt to choose the areas, which have access to foods like the garbage and the urban centers.

Live in groups
You shall find the possum love living in groups. This is their way of surviving. You shall find an entire unit in one place during the cold season. This is the best way they know how to survive during this season. This happens when they are hunting or moving in groups as they search for water, or in the urban centers.

Prevent possums in your home
During the winter season, many people battle the issue of possums. This is because they are looking for a place to stay, where it is warm and they have the access to food. It proves very hard for the possum to stay in the wild under these conditions. However, when they have a direct access to your home, they shall stay during this season. Make sure you seal all entry holes to avoid the possum.

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Do possums hibernate?

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