What If You Are Bitten By a Possum?

Opossum is a wild animal that do not find trouble. In fact, in most case opossum normally pretend to be dead in order to protect it from the predators around which made people not to feel much concern about this animal. But being gentle does not mean opossum cannot bite or get aggressive under no condition. This animal can still bite mostly then it considers biting the last option to get away from your grip. So, what do you do when you are bitten by a possum? Should you just go away without concern about any problem resulting from possum bite? You will find out more about these questions through this article.

Wash the Wound with Clean Running Water and Soap
You should not take it lightly when bitten by any wild animal including opossum. It is true that opossum bite is not consider to be dangerous or fatal yet the animal can carry different kinds of disease which can be transmitted to you. Also, the secondary infection on the injured skin can be another problem that can result to serious health condition if not handle properly. So, what you have to do is to get clean running water and soap which you can use to clean up the injured surface effectively.

Apply Dettol to the Area Bitten By Opossum
After washing you should consider the best way to avoid bacteria growth on the surface of the wound. One of the ways to ensure bacteria, fungus and growth of other microorganism on the site of the bite is to apply dettol on the wound. The dettol will help to protect the injury and save you from complication from secondary infection.

You Can Equally Apply Iodine Solution
Apart from dettol you can also apply iodine solution on the wound which will help to completely. Mixture of iodine solution with potassium or iodine in alcohol can serve as good antiseptic which can help to completely protect your wound from any growth or complication.

Contact Your Conduct When You Get Bite from Opossum

Just know that opossum is among the primary carrier of rabies when you are dealing with the animal. For that reason, you should try to consult your doctor as quickly as possible for rabies vaccine when you get bite from opossum or any other wild animal. Getting rabies vaccine will save you from the fatal experience associated with rabies condition.

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What If You Are Bitten By a Possum?

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